Crowdsource Commitment.
Manage Your Life Day to Day

And best your vices with a little help from your friends

Crowdsource Commitment

Helping people to achieve their goals one day at a time

Choose Your Vice

Whether smoking, alcohol, junk food or other, whatever unwanted behavior you seek to be rid of can be the subject of your ViceVersus commitment.

Timeline & Milestones

Set a Commitment period, abstain from your chosen Vices during that period (and beyond), celebrating achievement milestones to guide your journey.

Community Support

Tap your social network for support, sharing your progress with your friends and inviting them to monitor your Commitment with Pledges and Bounties.

Helping People To Get a Better Life

Every person deserves to be free from Vice



Start today and you can be free from your Vices and on your way to a better life.


Support Network

Invite your Facebook friends to assist in your Commitment with advanced gamification features.


Share & Interact

Post Commitment updates to your Facebook wall, and allow friends to post Bounties and Pledges.


Emergency Response

In moments of weakness look to your Panic Button, and get immediate support from your network.


Progress Management

Adhere to a Commitment schedule, and thereby make Commitment a natural part of your routine.


Game On

Bounties and Pledges engage your friend in healthy competition on your way to a healthy life.

Our Happiness Team

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Co-Founder / COO


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Co-Founder / CEO


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Marketing Director